In 2016-2017, at The A School Collective in Toronto, Adam Wolfond expressed a desire to capture his movements. Adam began with a desire to walk by placing a GoPro camera on various parts of his body. Later, with his artistic mentors, Estée Klar and Kyla Brown, Adam explored mark making and various cartographies documented in film and drawing. He created them by constructing “walking-drawing machines” that he attached to his body to reflect the hand-stim, jumping, the walk itself. Adam writes on being able to walk: “I base my pace on you” to describe his sensitivity to the affective milieu - its cues - and how movement and relational are co-compositional.

The house is my body in the amazing movement of walking. In the pattern of my body I am single pattern of walking. Walking happens in my good head. The way I walk in line is timed with my noises. The walk is when I think the most. Rhythm is coming in my pleasing noises. In my noises I try to line my pace. The way of walking is also falling. It is in line with my having to think about a mommy always walking with me. Thinking about walking can also be difficult within the boy’s very busy environment (Adam, 2016).