Toys are tapped and squeezed and their colour musics symphonies for Adam who writes that he hears colour. Adam has thought with toys to build new spaces, to think about synaesthesia. Toys also facilitate movement as oscillators. Thinking of objects as oscillators is to think of moving through the thresholds, or transitions that are continuous for Adam as the relational field is always mobile. Excerpted from Adam’s poetry:

I tic like using tall/ideas to tap my way/through the space of the outside world and I sometimes/game the space/like a backward spiral that/tries to find its way.

The body is always having movements and I am mobile having objects with me all the time. Boy needs objects to move. I see the objects and focus on assembled parts in the environment like a house and not the door and because I don’t see the door I manage by doing lots of amazing things like pacing my movements to the same way as my assistants. I see the whole but not the same whole as other people. They are not able to see the blast of the whole like I do. They can see the school but I can see everything gathering in the hallway moving like the forging movements of movement. Van Gogh is not like how I see but I manage moments of movement like a painter who is landing the boy’s thoughts and perceptions” (Adam, 2018).

These important toys make their way into an artistic practice as they do our daily lives. Adam never leaves home without them.