We bring many ideas, movements, readings in studio with us. These photos show how a relational artistic collaboration emerges utilizing objects of interest to Adam - sticks and rubber bath toys. We are attentive to our movements, the way our moves affect one another, other noises and affects in the room, the soreness of our bodies during repetitive moves. Adam: “Habits are in my way of movement and sometimes I feel like using them to make bandwidth of thinking about how some habits can’t be changed. I want bandwidth to the larger acceptance of my movements to think about how you are with autistic people.” We invent with these moves, with objects, as the co-compositional, improvisational process. We rethink habits with the attunement to the transitional; when the body always feels the field’s incipient movement.

Art uses things to assemble meaning and amazing art pays. But this is not free art. Art can mean a lot and can be a lot of things. A resting point people want is a way that we can express in typing, a reality with outward thoughts. Art is the way of lots of easy feelings. Art doesn’t necessarily pander to minds to land meaning. Good art is about really open ideas. Art is profound because it ignores intention. Feeling freedom is the most important thing in my art. Art is a feeling in my body. I want art to move toward tough and terrific feelings. It opens channels of feeling that makes the world come alive” (Adam).