Photos are taken to document thinking process. I take photos with my iPhone with particular interest in movement and duration. Some shapes lure me to the detail rather than the whole, as Adam also writes that he sees the detail as “forging movement” as a “blast,” invoking an understanding of the busy visual/affective field, and a sensitivity to the multiple lures for attention. Elizabeth Grosz, citing Henri Bergson, suggests that attunement is intuition that attends to the durational. The durational is where difference in degree emerges: “Intuition… is a ‘shadow’, a ‘swirling of dust’, more than a concrete and well-formed concept. It is an emergent and imprecise movement of simplicity that erupts by negating the old, resisting temptations of intellect to understand the new in terms of the language and concepts of the old” (Grosz, becoming undone: Darwinian Reflections on Life, Politics and Art, 2011, 48).