Thinking with SenseLab at Concordia University, we think of art as relational process than as object. The way we create is a way of study. We may read an excerpt of philosophy, study an artist, think about movement, bring materials to our collective. These are the materials that co-compose with us in a becoming; a way of thought as movement itself. These photos “capture” moments of our process that can never be captured. They incite more thinking, more movement and new ways to study relation and creation. Seen in some of the photos below are burned and cut up diagnostic reports that predetermine an autistic life as “well below average.” We invent with these reports, that are otherwise static ways of locating autism as Other. How can we think beyond the pathology paradigm?

The way I think is different. I think like a person becoming all things. I love pleasing slow way of thinking about my life. I am too amazed at always having to prove to everyone that I have an intelligent mind, not answering in a lot of ways like talking and opening my mouth, but I am always coming from the side.” (Adam).