Neurodiversity in Relation

An artistic intraethnography with Adam Wolfond and The A Collective



In Way of Music Water Answers Toward Questions Other Than What Is Autism. Chapbook of Poetry by Adam Wolfond. ORDER NOW through Unrestricted Interest.

October 3
Exhibition S/Pace: a film installation, screening and poetry/stick installation.
Critical Distance, Toronto
6:00 - 9:00 pm [poetry reading by Adam at 7:00 pm]

Adam's Poem, Tall Ideas, to be featured on the website poets.org this October, 2019. Stay tuned!

It is the act of creation that becomes the oeuvre, the work in progress, like life itself. It is in the act that the poetic will be revived
— Lygia Clark

Estée Klar and Adam Wolfond are mother and son, artists and founders of The A Collective in Toronto, which is collective for neurodiverse, relational-artistic creation and collaboration.

Adam Wolfond is a non-speaking, self- ascribed “man of autism” who types and moves to communicate. He is collaborating with Estée on this PhD dissertation and beyond. PhD: Neurodiversity in Relation: an artistic intraethnography.

Photo: Adam’s hand. “I am able to scatter/the way of the hand that likes/to see and I bring/the water to lucky life” - poem excerpt from Adam’s I Am Able To Scatter.