Adam’s relationship with the stick is explored in an upcoming film S/Pace, where he explores pacing with sticks to feel and navigate his body within it. For Adam, he explains how he “cannot feel the ground of his feet,” and moves with objects - thin sticks, heaving sticks - for this grounding, suggesting incorporeal relation: intrarelation.

I want to think with sticks. Thinking with sticks is like thinking about open eager space and the rows of walks I take. The wanting teetering walks think about how the sticks are going toward the next one. The desire thinks the sticks assemble the pattering honing in and offering me good help.

Time is perceived by the appreciation of language but I am pace of my body and not language. My body is pacing is the task of feeling my body and the feeling of the pace of the environment I am feeling. The work is answering in a logical way about the amazing senses but I am not sensing the same way. I am always feeling a lot of things and it’s hard to have concentration when I am not able to be a the talking-table but in the feelings of the world.” (Adam)